Remembering & Evolving Darwin


Had we evolved to live today as long as is reported of the Biblical characters, then Charles Darwin might have celebrated his 207th birthday on February 12 this year. Wondrous, to consider the impact on science had this been so. Darwin’s work on his Theory of Evolution surely sought to solve some questions around human lifespan expectancy.

Humans have lived longer lives in general as time has passed, yet have gained practically nothing in comparison to the centuries of life documented in canonical references. Since the days of many Gods on Earth and their likely mythical children, it seems that human lifespans have . . . been limited. Perhaps this is part of the evolution.


Darwin’s approaching birthday brings to mind thoughts of what his experience entailed. Was Charles a lonely man? Beleaguered, surely- having lost a child at an early age in addition to his challenging pursuits . . .pursuits not least of which included a more-than-fair share of social resistance.

Darwin joven

There’s an infamous story of Darwin that brings to mind the idea of “religious testing“.

During the final years of Darwin’s life, a close peer wrote Charles a letter. Contained in the letter was the childlike query of Darwin’s personal belief. As is the custom of many who hold supernatural faith dear, the query held a conditional, almost evangelical tone. Surprisingly, Darwin vacated his coping secular self in favor of a fuller disclosure of his personal stance at that time and due to that prompt. Darwin declared atheism in a return letter.

Charles Darwin was and remains a figurehead of an institution that struggles to live and progress against an equally-evolving tide of evangelical religious adherents. Where some strive to quash scientific research and live by old understandings and methods, others strive to reconcile religions and science- and yet others strive to discount ‘the other’ as a point of win/lose economy . . . to the death if necessary, as some times have shown. Perhaps due to social conscience or to a need to concentrate on his work, Darwin chose a secular path of least resistance . . . until the very end.


Today, it’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “Pray Until Something Happens”. Seen in jewelry and on logo merchandise, it’s a popular and widely-used motivational acronym that [sometimes] stands for encouragement to pray until something does indeed “happen”. This is just one example of the modern push by Christians [for instance] to bury deeper into a religious system rather than be equipped to relate on a secular level, which encourages teamwork and success among all people.

Recognition of this term is largely associated with the Alcoholics Anonymous experience. As a religion-based program, it’s common practice for subjects who have been exposed to the phrase to extend that dogma outside their circle in various settings. As such, commonly enough there’s a mindset to “push” for certain behaviors that mirror the prayerful stance, and too often this brings strife through conflicting ideas in the secular realm.


Such active (camouflaging as passive) persecution [religious testing] of peers has gone on practically unfettered despite major movements over time to avoid it. Many humans allow theirselves in moments of weakness to succumb to the very dogmas they’ve been warned of throughout an educated youth. Rather than neighbors living fully without limitations, humans today see and experience a world of religious challenges and evangelism of the kind seen hundreds and thousands of years ago.


Be more secular! Let the secular realm have its space as that land upon which all may walk in peace and let it extend through the churches. Let our souls and consciences be the individual benefits they should be to us as living, breathing humans.  Secularism allows us to know one another and to come together peacefully while adhering to our true selves in this great pursuit of life.

The pursuit of reason and science is highly criticized by some religion advocates. To help avert this growing trend, declare- as our international part of this world- that a scientist is to be valued and that perhaps the discipline of science should be much more heralded than it is. Let’s encourage our policy-makers that International Darwin Day be a nationally proclaimed event of the United States, to celebrate with days of observance across the globe.

Urge your State Representatives to co-sponsor the Darwin Day Resolution now. Share! Maybe, by February 12, we will have Senators from each state co-sponsor the bill.


Charles Darwin’s letter confessing he is an atheist sells for £127,000. Western Daily Press. (09-2015) (01-2016)



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  1. Wow, this is 50 shades of odd. When did science and religion become polarized?

    It seems to me that so many people talking about this “problem” couldn’t tell you Abraham’s birth name nor if habilius or erectus came first.


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