Lockdowns on Reasoning Inhibit Progress of Freedom

There is nothing wrong with an open and reasoning mind.

How else do we find solutions for problems?

This ability to reason comes naturally for some, can be learned by others, and improved upon by all. The theory and practice of secularism is an important freedom and tool in the fruition of reasoned outcomes, as well as in the structure of one’s governance, in order to ensure success of reasoning and progress.

The God/No God argument is for those who either enjoy argument or those who have been so marginalized that argument is their way out of- or into- some place in society. What of individualism?

Argument has become the new pastime for many (understandably) as the world changes by leaps and bounds in awareness of “the other”. For example, a “New Atheist” generally opts to challenge Bible proponents and reasoners of faith in argument, with skeptical “challenge” being a tenet of the belief system in action.  Open and aggressive challenges to religion and those who practice any have become the new norm. A general attitude of a New Atheist is that religion should be skeptically challenged unto to its demise if possible. This is fine, if it need be in some stance. Just know that, in such a stance, one positions theirself as an evangelical soldier of sorts for their preferred system.

Oh, the Irony

It’s ironic, too, considering that leaders in New Atheism sometimes declare openness to a pursuit of the “ways” or ideals of some religion or spiritual belief system(s). Such a pursuit of “state of mind”, formerly only credited to a religion, can be seen as a form of fence-building in itself . . . looking for a place upon which to sit and evaluate others while not themselves being beholden to . . . well, anything. In the belief that they are creating a “new way” for all, some New Atheists are indeed a new danger to society as most would have it. Just check other

It’s clear that, with New Atheists, any feelers of open reasoning by faith-siders (spiritual or behavioral seekers) can be stomped as harshly by atheists as are skeptical feelers stomped by religious evangelists. “Sitting on a fence” as it’s been called-  is an accusation by New Atheists that minimizes others of their communities.

There’s real progress in understanding that secularism allows for the most reasoning of any system (except science itself) and it’s merely a political system that allows freedom for all to be smart, reasoning community members with a capacity for humane surpassing of old, detrimental ways.

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