Deconverted: A Story About My Journey to Atheism

Source: Deconverted: A Story About My Journey to Atheism

Sharing a stranger’s personal story of conversion to atheism, with this question in mind:

How do those who convert to atheism, from [any] religion in which they were raised, feel about the idea (of some religious proponents) that there should be NO separation of church and state?

The American public, for example, isn’t accustomed to the new politicized evangelism which seems to be gaining such ground (is, due to generous gifts from religiously biased donors) but is in fact a facade to cover up for the growing percentage of Nones who are younger and yet younger; who will eventually demand the secular government they’ve grown to expect.

Still, the new evangelists are centered around a religion-government merger idea that threatens to challenge the very Constitution of the United States, having already caused quite a stir.

2 thoughts on “Deconverted: A Story About My Journey to Atheism

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  1. Thanks for the pingback! I’m more than happy to chip in my two cents.

    I personally find the idea of no separation between church and state a very frightening one. After all, when one declares allegiance to a religion, you end up marginalizing many people.

    I think a great example of this in action is the film/graphic novel “Persepolis”, which portrays a modern day theocracy and its impact on the protagonist.

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    1. Thank you for commenting, much appreciated. Terrific example you’ve given in Persepolis, which happens to be available to watch via YouTube currently.

      Anyone interested in this topic should then look at the complete history of Iran as well. These things are worth some serious Sunday study time. Thank you so much.


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