Transhumanism and Humanity

Can Transhumanism Retain the Qualities of Humanity that We Hold Today?

A group member recently presented a question about the limitations of eternal life to the biological human, posed from a strong scientific point of view. Religion was nowhere evident in the presentation. Although the group is comprised of humanists, there was a fair amount of resistance to the idea of this kind of transhumanism . . . some staunch resistance. Perhaps this is natural, being that some elements of modern transhumanism are unnaturally mechanical. I believe the fear is that sensate qualities of humans will be lost over time.  Transhumanism

We’re experiencing life with some forms of transhumanism already. There are various ways in which we use technology or tools to enhance our experiences and to live longer lives.

However, jump ahead on the timeline of evolution to consider human life expectations of 125-150+ years of age, speak a bit of eternal life on earth (or wherever we’re able to send ourselves) and feel the resistance! People are duly frightened by the idea and run themselves into the usual question: where’s the line where we want to stop?

I’ll admit that I’m one to somewhat fear mechanical introductions to the human form, not because a human can regain use of an arm – that isn’t scary. No, the fear is definitely seated in a trepidation of knowing . . . of our inhumane tendencies and counterparts. After all, which dogmas or systems will be used to make humane decisions, and will these stand the test of time through trans-humanistic advancements of science?


Image via The Conversation. People Plus: Is Transhumanism the Next Stage in Our Evolution? (10-2012). (02-2016).

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