February 9 – National “Stop Bullying” Day


Teach others not to engage in bully behavior

There are many behaviors that fall under the dark umbrella of bullying, and we don’t want our children or selves to fall victim to the harmful effects of aggressive, bullish people.¬†Especially in those places we’ve come to expect safety or protection from such behaviors (such as on school grounds and in workplaces) we should take serious measures to stop bullying in it’s tracks before any damage is done.


Questions about Bullying

As you consider how you’ll confront bullying, consider extreme evangelicals. These figures appear in all ages. While some seem and may be harmless, we often find ourselves surreptitiously entrapped in some venue where we then are obligated to receive religious messaging. It’s not uncommon that children be used as pawns in this type of behavior.

What will be your best response when approached in uncomfortable places and ways? When you find they’ve targeted your children without your permission?

What behaviors do you see people exhibit that you’d consider inappropriately aggressive, just plain mean or harmful?

Image via Public Domain at Pixabay

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