The Humanity of Various Belief

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Maybe You’re an Atheist  ∴

When we wonder if someone is atheist, or generally about their religious or belief preferences, often we’ll ask “Do you believe in God?” or “Do you believe in the Holy Trinity and that Jesus is the Christ?” Cut and dried, the answer is sought!

But we should realize that an atheist isn’t necessarily always so, just as a Christian isn’t necessarily always a practicing. This is part of the trouble with labels and the way we get attached to one story of ourselves. Can you imagine if you only ever read one story?

Definitely Not an Atheist

Take Tom Hanks for example. Greek Orthodox since having been married, like so many people the accomplished Hollywood actor has had ample exposure to several religions through various close family members and various life experiences. First Catholic, Hanks also had many Jewish friends in high school and with a Mormon mother (many prefer the term LDS) was sure to immerse into that culture as well.

In this way, Christians are a constantly evolving type of people drifting in and out this sect or that cult as life changes arise or as pastors come and go . . . all while evangelizing others to the church (when in fact they’re evangelists or even disciples, as part of the disciple’s job is to bring others into the particular religious fold).

Devotion to Viewpoints

There are atheist evangelists certain as disciples in their calling to reason others into believing their worthy Godless point of view. Too, there are Christians who attend only one church again and again their entire lives and atheists who convert to agnosticism. The list of callings goes on.

Human Nature

Yet we continue to place labels upon ourselves or to allow others to do so. It’s a little like donning a team jersey, only with serious soul implications (unless one’s an atheist).

We don those labels and participate in the culture of a group where members try to serve each other in the ways that can be worked out. That’s the [hopefully] positive community aspect of any group. What’s more difficult is to accept how attached some become to group ideologies and dogmas . . . especially when those dogmas are unsubstantiated and even harmful.


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Image via Public Domain


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