Cops Rock! (usually)


Introducing our new topic category


police wagon - pixabay

There’s been heated debate lately over policing in the United States. While support and criticism of law enforcement have always existed (as have good and bad officers), the advent and proliferation of social media can be said to have changed the game to a great extent.

Due to recent trends by proponents and politicians of religion to further promote a faith in “God” via symbols or sentiments emblazoned onto government properties where they never existed before, we’ve decided to add another category to this blog that will be used to monitor associated happenings.

In addition, we’ll use this space to post general topics and news items which relate to the law enforcement world, the public and the world in which we live according to law.

For now, we’ll call this space:

Cops Rock! (usually)

Stay tuned!


Image courtesy Public Domain via Pixabay

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