Cop Shows: good, bad or thin gray line?

It’s painful to see some of the negative news centered on the brave individuals who dedicate their lives to the policing of society. There’s no doubt that, without them, the landscape would be different. Some think they’d like such a world, and some would not . . . while most of us have no idea what it’d look like.

Where I hold the view that it’s not so much the individual cops that are inherently problematic (in cases of misuse of position) but rather that a system of laws is flawed, another watchful eye, found via social media–  or, one to whom they refer- is convinced that “cop dramas” hold at least some of the blame for what could be defined as rogue hero behaviors . . . or, neglect of policy with an affect of inappropriate actions toward individuals they serve.

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Image via Public Domain: familiar policing imagery, this time via Johannesburg, where it’s alleged  that “racism is reversed“. 

Looking for your comments: Do American cop shows encourage escalation of interactions between alleged ‘criminals’ and police officers, or do they highlight a misunderstanding of service protocols? Are racial tensions to blame, or not? What’s to be said- if anything- about relation of performance to non-secular [religious] displays by government?

Interesting spin, could hold some truth: what do you think? What could be done? What legislation would you write?

Oklahoma Pro-Life Propaganda Legislation — Outgrowing and Out-learning Religion

Check out this video on YouTube in which TYT reports on legislation that just passed in Oklahoma. This legislation requires the state to spend money they don’t have to teach kids in public schools that life begins at conception. It would require public schools to have advertisements for pro-life so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” and also use […]

via Oklahoma Pro-Life Propaganda Legislation — Outgrowing and Out-learning Religion

Help Us Share the Love

We live in a world where many religious followers don’t understand other views but their own. Thanks to tainted ideas of faith, even when these followers are aware of other beliefs, they don’t consider understanding or acceptance necessary and work to undermine the freedoms so harshly won by our predecessors.

Image via Public Domain

A faithful person should thank God that communication is what it has become today, for only in the light of awareness can we truly be free of the wraths of religious governments, sectarian neighbors, employers and others with whom we could otherwise live peacefully; if not for the constant aggression of conversion-minded antics by those who’ve wrapped themselves up in a religious theme that demands such aggressions.

Don’t let hard line religious sectarians deconstruct your freedom or rule your life. Help us share the message of secularism during this time when many would rather you forget it.

Must-read: “In today’s digitally connected world, it’s not difficult to reach [secular] voters online.”
[…] -via FFRF on Facebook

Politics have become a platform for sectarianism, which increases the odds of violent tendencies. Consider, if not for the ridiculous religious testing leveled onto a Republican political candidate months ago, would we have seen such a development of radicalism around the Trump candidacy?

Can an Outsider Ever Truly Become Amish?

Converts offer religious sects some of the strongest support and argument for their unique causes. Do converts often experience an equal manifestation of loyalty among peers of a religious sect or congregation? Are you a convert, or ever been?


Kelsey Osgood | Atlas Obscura | March 2016 | 28 minutes (7,014 words)

Our latest Exclusive is a new story by Kelsey Osgood, and is co-funded by Longreads Members and published by Atlas Obscura.

Author’s Note: “Alex” and “Rebecca” are not the real names of two people interviewed. They felt strongly that they should not be identified by name out of respect for their faith’s general belief in the body above the individual.

The road that runs through the main village of Berlin, Ohio, only about 90 minutes south of Cleveland, is called “Amish Country Byway” for its unusual number of non-automotive travelers and it’s true that driving down it, you’ll have to slow down for the horse-drawn buggies that clog up the right lane. But those seeking the “real” Amish experience in downtown Berlin might be disappointed. It’s more Disney than devout: a playground for tourists full…

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The Sooner the Better

Why Wait?

It’s not that we’re unaware that prayer can be a way of speaking to a congregation; it’s just that “American” is the club . . . no selling of soul is needed. Help or assistance should not depend on religion and tongues.


Nobody Wants to Repent

Interestingly enough, this post (below) on repentance came up in the “secularism” feed. There seems to be a good point about forgiveness, but it’s difficult to make out and reliant on being Christian. The best thing to do with something like this is to take the most troubling aspects and respond with human conscience. After reading the Original Post (OP), the points made here (above the line) are a reaction from one who is secular and lives by the Golden Rule . . . the secular version of which is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Babies are born unburdened by the idea that they are inherently destined to do bad by way of ‘sin’. When we teach children that they are ‘natural sinners’ who should expect grace (or punishment, depends on belief), then this is exactly how they end up treating themselves and others. Of course, thanks to secularism we are free to lead as such within our families, our churches, in evangelism on the street and at the front door when it is opened. Religious liberties are taken elsewhere, too.

A glaring untruth regarding responsibility of working conditions contained in this writing is the idea that when an “accident” has occurred, that no one was at fault. This is a way to pre-absolve the responsible care necessary in prevention of ignorance or abuse while at work. Accidents do happen, more so in a bad economy that is able to tilt against workers’ interests in favor of money savings (whether out of greed or necessity).

It cannot be denied that some people need to repent, in order to absolve themselves– more often their communities– of feelings of guilt. If this helps them to receive less unreasonable punishment which may not be deserved or may be, who is to say (and by the way what a contrast of examples given in this OP below) then so be it, in a secular society. Everyone has their version of self protection, often decided in haste at the last thoughtful moment.

Religion is a great responsibility; if you’re going to take on such mythology/belief in the name of community or anything else, it shouldn’t be used in any all-knowing sense but only in the most reasoned ways that avoid the oppression of others.

Everyone likes to see an evil person get the punishment everyone believes he deserves. When John Wayne Gacy was executed in 1994, few tears were shed on his behalf, and many comments mourned the fa…

Source: Nobody Wants to Repent

RE: “FFRF Targets Clemson Coach for Free Exercise ‘Violations'”

When will evangelists realize that such actions by The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) and other helpful organizations are in fact self defense and aim to protect an oppressed minority who must struggle for their freedom and often are punished in a religious community?

What’s mad about it is that they most often do realize this, yet still move to stifle freedom. Same old song here, in a spirit of abandoned education regarding the history of our great nation:

“Clemson was once again in the news this week, but this time it’s not about winning or losing a national football championship.  Instead, it’s about one man and the way he chooses to exe…

Source: FFRF Targets Clemson Coach for Free Exercise “Violations”

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