How to Treat Evangelized Politics

Save Politics – Protect the Government

Send the religious to church, kick them out of education. The realm of religion is its own bountiful sustenance, which may be frequented or visited on occasion as the individual needs and wants. The secular world is anyone’s to enjoy as well, but not to be ruled by religion.

3 thoughts on “How to Treat Evangelized Politics

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  1. What part are the people to play in government, then? Religion is made up of people. If we kick religion out of government, we’re kicking people out of government.

    And if we’re going to kick out people based on religion, then what about race, age, gender, etc?


    1. Whoa- let’s not make this bigger than the Original Post. It’s important for the voting public to utilize their freedoms more intently, remember the cruel heritage of this land but not just that- to remember why it occurred and ensure an unrigged system that is as open to an atheist as it is open to a theist. We’re not there yet.

      To maintain, recover and continue any progress that’s been made for the people (race, age, gender, etc.) it will be necessary to “kick” religion out of government. In America, we do this through politics and the voting system. If one has paid attention to U.S. politics lately, they would notice that practically the entire selection of presidential candidates is not adequately representative. Almost every candidate would abandon their abilities to make reasonable plans for humankind in favor of their religious book (or congregation). Surely you don’t think it’s acceptable.

      Your comments are appreciated.


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