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We live in a world where many religious followers don’t understand other views but their own. Thanks to tainted ideas of faith, even when these followers are aware of other beliefs, they don’t consider understanding or acceptance necessary and work to undermine the freedoms so harshly won by our predecessors.

Image via Public Domain

A faithful person should thank God that communication is what it has become today, for only in the light of awareness can we truly be free of the wraths of religious governments, sectarian neighbors, employers and others with whom we could otherwise live peacefully; if not for the constant aggression of conversion-minded antics by those who’ve wrapped themselves up in a religious theme that demands such aggressions.

Don’t let hard line religious sectarians deconstruct your freedom or rule your life. Help us share the message of secularism during this time when many would rather you forget it.

Must-read: “In today’s digitally connected world, it’s not difficult to reach [secular] voters online.”
[…] -via FFRF on Facebook

Politics have become a platform for sectarianism, which increases the odds of violent tendencies. Consider, if not for the ridiculous religious testing leveled onto a Republican political candidate months ago, would we have seen such a development of radicalism around the Trump candidacy?

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