The Dems’ Problem of Righteousness

As mentioned in “When Dems Disappoint”, the Democratic Party has somehow developed a sect intent on the kind of personal interferences a free people should not have to worry about in their society. Democrats for Life, religious or  not, seem to aspire to the same sort of propaganda as our latest, craziest, extreme-religious Republicans in deciding the futures of the poor through lower-middle-class people in ways they’d never accomplish with those who are financially better off.

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Republicans Love it When Dems Discriminate

Repeated legislative actions, against the personal lives and pursuits of individuals and families in their own interests, have taken a toll and Dems– like Republicans– continue to lose respect as a party on which to rely.

Yet saviors exist who could save the Democratic Party’s image

On the other hand, also referenced in “When Dems Disappoint“, there are still those Democrats who are willing to take the stands U.S. Americans expect on topics of economy, religious freedom, etc. Where will these progressives end up? If it’s true that the days of a Republican Party are coming to an end, then we may be looking at a future of Democrats, Greens and Independents. What do you think?

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Some would call secularism a religion in the most academic demeanor, while others would call it so in an ironic display of negativity, the usual allegation: that the secular suppress the religious to virulent degree. The secular are regarded as oppressive in much the same way that workplace evangelism and the like are considered oppressive (by more persons than can say so without fear of social retribution from a stringent and vocal majority).

What is secularism?

secularism – n. “doctrine that morality should be based on the well-being of man in the present life, without regard to religious belief or a hereafter” (1846)*

This is one of the more stringent definitions of secularism. It is the reasoned basis of a like-named ideal which aims to protect us humans from ourselves. Perhaps most significantly, secularism should protect us from extreme practices that have historically been undertaken by our counterparts in the name of a religious or superstitious culture. In this way, secularism is not a required doctrine in the way of a religion, but instead a civic theory and responsible practice of freedom and equality in a society.


Secularism’s main puzzle is an adamancy of detractors in stringent denial of the civic and public practice of secularism as a civil right. It makes no sense that religion is such a present topic in politics, when it’s divisive nature is well known and we have been guided– either by principles of secularism or through Jesus and possibly both– to “render to Caesar the things that are Caesars and to God the things that are God’s“.


* “secularism”. Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian. 27 Jul. 2016. <;.

What’ll Bernie do Now?

We tend to have a general idea that people of Jewish faith are modern enough. We see people of the religion as capable of moving and dealing in public society due to an established secularism that has offered a kind of freedom to take advantage of a worldly system in various degrees in pursuit of survival. In fact, most of us have this in common. But, are Jewish religious leaders applying a new pressure to their own secular counterparts in an attempt to minimize secularism? After all, why the preference for Clinton over Sanders among the DNC Wasserman leadership?

Now we suspect that Sanders didn’t get a fair shake of the process, since WikiLeaks disclosed the DNC Wasserman team plot to orchestrate a favorite pick. Although I’ve personally been cognizant of a problem in the Democratic Party over the last several years regarding a failure to stand strong on principles of individual freedom, always placating the Republicans, I’d never realized they’d go to such lengths to destroy one of their own greatest-potential candidates . . . especially by working against what should be their own principled arguments.

The good news about the Democratic Party lately is out of Texas, of all places. Read more about that here.

What about you, dear reader . . . any thoughts? Here we were sitting back watching the Republican Party get odd and break apart, and now suddenly the Dems are fracturing up as well.


When Dems Disappoint

Image result for jack assA large part of our work today– in fact, the main reason we find ourselves having to ‘come out’ as seculars– is in reminding old democrats, and convincing new  democrats, to support the original secular cause of our nation. This, in the face of political aggression and uncounted workplace and other micro aggressions by wanton evangelicals with various negative effects of an evangelized public and political system.

One twitter user makes a valid point regarding some of the frustration many Americans have experienced over past 50-70 years, as we’ve watched some of our supposed representatives turn toward endorsements of religion through governance during times when we should have been stronger in our commitment to true national unity. In case you didn’t know, Ronald Reagan was a Republican, who was first a popular Hollywood actor, then Governor of California.


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Remember Freedom & Pass it Down

In light of recent events which have prompted the usual references and pressures of the religious, we felt it important to remind all Americans:

We have been united and will continue to be so, as long as we all remember that this is a free and secular nation full of many different belief systems. We used to fight for this and now, unfortunately, we often fight for something else. As always, we [humans] need to tame our hackles, because we are not in fight or flight…we are a community that should feel united and in this capacity only can we reason for the public. Image result for founding fathers quotes

Some know, and most ignore, that the United States of America national motto was ‘officially’ (through popular legislation) changed to “under God” as a stipulation at the time of Fear of communism and civil rights progress during and not until the 1950s!

We’ll be a better-off, united populace when we rectify the changes made to our official identifiers– such as paper money and the Pledge of Allegiance– in the 1950s that tell us the dominant religion must be accepted. (Notice, the new motto doesn’t refer to anyone’s particular religion, which ultimately leaves it quite open to popular sway, no?)

Christians may again one day be thankful for this secular nation that allows such freedoms as religious belief [any] and conscience [ultimately] but frowns heavily upon those who would force their ways upon another and otherwise diminish them as punishment for not doing as told.


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