Remember Freedom & Pass it Down

In light of recent events which have prompted the usual references and pressures of the religious, we felt it important to remind all Americans:

We have been united and will continue to be so, as long as we all remember that this is a free and secular nation full of many different belief systems. We used to fight for this and now, unfortunately, we often fight for something else. As always, we [humans] need to tame our hackles, because we are not in fight or flight…we are a community that should feel united and in this capacity only can we reason for the public. Image result for founding fathers quotes

Some know, and most ignore, that the United States of America national motto was ‘officially’ (through popular legislation) changed to “under God” as a stipulation at the time of Fear of communism and civil rights progress during and not until the 1950s!

We’ll be a better-off, united populace when we rectify the changes made to our official identifiers– such as paper money and the Pledge of Allegiance– in the 1950s that tell us the dominant religion must be accepted. (Notice, the new motto doesn’t refer to anyone’s particular religion, which ultimately leaves it quite open to popular sway, no?)

Christians may again one day be thankful for this secular nation that allows such freedoms as religious belief [any] and conscience [ultimately] but frowns heavily upon those who would force their ways upon another and otherwise diminish them as punishment for not doing as told.


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  1. I think Europe generally is a long way ahead in becoming secular through and through. I’m hoping Americans will travel more and visit countries which have done away religion or have gotten it under control. they’ll see that it works well.

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    1. Had I not replied yet? I meant to days ago. I’ve sensed that about Europe, but not lately so much. Of course I don’t have a great view of things there. Maybe the outlook since Brexit is even more positive, but it’s seemed like a challenging state of affairs lately and I can’t exactly figure out how much is actually rooted in religion or secularism. Seems less an issue than in the U.S, although I’ve always considered Europeans to be naturally ahead of things. I wish Americans would travel more, too; I think the affluent ones do. I believe earlier colonists traveled abroad more often in the past, but eventually tourism of the North American continent overtook those traditions. Somehow, perhaps due to relative isolation, things have gotten to be strange in a way I’d liken to experiences of those in closer quarters of European nations. While we’re this large, unified nation . . . too many of us are looking at ways to separate beyond the basic protections of things such as separation of church and state. It’s been something else to watch, this political season especially.

      Appreciate your comment

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