What’ll Bernie do Now?

We tend to have a general idea that people of Jewish faith are modern enough. We see people of the religion as capable of moving and dealing in public society due to an established secularism that has offered a kind of freedom to take advantage of a worldly system in various degrees in pursuit of survival. In fact, most of us have this in common. But, are Jewish religious leaders applying a new pressure to their own secular counterparts in an attempt to minimize secularism? After all, why the preference for Clinton over Sanders among the DNC Wasserman leadership?

Now we suspect that Sanders didn’t get a fair shake of the process, since WikiLeaks disclosed the DNC Wasserman team plot to orchestrate a favorite pick. Although I’ve personally been cognizant of a problem in the Democratic Party over the last several years regarding a failure to stand strong on principles of individual freedom, always placating the Republicans, I’d never realized they’d go to such lengths to destroy one of their own greatest-potential candidates . . . especially by working against what should be their own principled arguments.

The good news about the Democratic Party lately is out of Texas, of all places. Read more about that here.

What about you, dear reader . . . any thoughts? Here we were sitting back watching the Republican Party get odd and break apart, and now suddenly the Dems are fracturing up as well.


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