Secularism 1

Some would call secularism a religion in the most academic demeanor, while others would call it so in an ironic display of negativity, the usual allegation: that the secular suppress the religious to virulent degree. The secular are regarded as oppressive in much the same way that workplace evangelism and the like are considered oppressive (by more persons than can say so without fear of social retribution from a stringent and vocal majority).

What is secularism?

secularism – n. “doctrine that morality should be based on the well-being of man in the present life, without regard to religious belief or a hereafter” (1846)*

This is one of the more stringent definitions of secularism. It is the reasoned basis of a like-named ideal which aims to protect us humans from ourselves. Perhaps most significantly, secularism should protect us from extreme practices that have historically been undertaken by our counterparts in the name of a religious or superstitious culture. In this way, secularism is not a required doctrine in the way of a religion, but instead a civic theory and responsible practice of freedom and equality in a society.


Secularism’s main puzzle is an adamancy of detractors in stringent denial of the civic and public practice of secularism as a civil right. It makes no sense that religion is such a present topic in politics, when it’s divisive nature is well known and we have been guided– either by principles of secularism or through Jesus and possibly both– to “render to Caesar the things that are Caesars and to God the things that are God’s“.


* “secularism”. Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian. 27 Jul. 2016. <;.

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