The Dems’ Problem of Righteousness

As mentioned in “When Dems Disappoint”, the Democratic Party has somehow developed a sect intent on the kind of personal interferences a free people should not have to worry about in their society. Democrats for Life, religious or  not, seem to aspire to the same sort of propaganda as our latest, craziest, extreme-religious Republicans in deciding the futures of the poor through lower-middle-class people in ways they’d never accomplish with those who are financially better off.

Repubs wringing hands
Republicans Love it When Dems Discriminate

Repeated legislative actions, against the personal lives and pursuits of individuals and families in their own interests, have taken a toll and Dems– like Republicans– continue to lose respect as a party on which to rely.

Yet saviors exist who could save the Democratic Party’s image

On the other hand, also referenced in “When Dems Disappoint“, there are still those Democrats who are willing to take the stands U.S. Americans expect on topics of economy, religious freedom, etc. Where will these progressives end up? If it’s true that the days of a Republican Party are coming to an end, then we may be looking at a future of Democrats, Greens and Independents. What do you think?

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