Can an Artist be Close-minded and Succeed?

The Answer is Yes! A group of artists is much like any other group of people– comprised of different personalities and beliefs, often changing as they navigate life.

We’re happy that James Cameron found atheism for himself; goodness knows people should be free to seek. What of those who’ve no conviction one way or the other? Ah, to be the most open-minded is always the most trying. . . living between the constant battles of deniers of and believers in god(s).

How dare such staunch [militant] atheists regard agnosticism as “cowardly atheism”; which, is not much different from the proselytizing followers of gods pointing fingers and applying pressure to join ranks.

How can one– especially of the artistic world of film– draw such thick lines to cross, and spend energy to belittle those most open to every life? Perhaps he’s since come off such staunch positioning. Only time can tell.

Where are you, dear reader, regarding agnosticism?

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