10 Reasons to Be More Open-Hearted this Holiday Season

santa-face-constern-hoho_pdMerry Xmas! We’re still a few weeks away from that big day. Santa’s elves are busy with their supplies, putting final touches on gifts for expectant kids the world over. While this work is underway, everyone else settles busily into their traditional holiday behaviors and social dances.

It’s common this time of year to hear the cheerful rounds, “Happy Holidays!” as we go about our business. We begin to see Christmas and holiday cards arrive in greater frequency and our excitement grows. As well, social tensions may surface.

Practice Cordial Behavior During the Holiday Season

Has the term “Xmas” ever been a issue for you . . . or a friendly wish for happy holidays? After all, it’s common during this time to hear the cheerful rounds, “Happy Holidays!” as we go about our business.

For anyone who has been blasted for extending themselves in good faith, and for those who’d take issue with them, here are one Pastor’s “Top 10 Reasons Christians Should Stop Whining About Secular Xmas“. May these factoids and urgings create a mental trigger of remembrance when heat rises in any exchange, especially online where such banter tends to spin out of control with no true end in sight.


Share this post in hope that more people can enjoy holidays of peace in absence of individualized arguments that lead to wild speculation and oppression of community members. Share it in hope that all of our communities’ members will realize that what another should do or believe in regard to this festive season and beyond are matters of cultural traditions experienced by individuals . . . and matters of freedom as well. Share in the hope that more will remember: freedom from is as important to the individual and the community as freedom of [religion].

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