Always Reason to Celebrate the Holidays

happy-holiday-gif-wreathDidn’t it feel best, when the public was most free, at large and celebrating with no hesitations before letting fly,  “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Hanukkah”, etc. Happy [working] townspeople and neighborhoods of peaceful mindsets enhanced the holiday season with their varied decorations and habits.

It was a given, once, that by not pressing our ways onto others in certain environments, that we were also free to exhibit them in most environments without fear of public retribution. With the exception of one vehemently senseless preacher in Amarillo, it seems we did better this holiday season than we have in the past several.

Mine was a smooth, peaceful holiday for the most part, with only 2 bits of an underlined “Christ” in Christmas cards.

That’s fine. Perhaps it’ll be useful: we can note the underliners in our Christmas Holiday card lists and send them those specifically-religious inserts we often set aside from our combo packs for being too much of a personalized greeting under normal circumstances. It might be advisable to construct the written messages to these people in a way to avoid any assumptions about our own holiday:

“We hope, as you celebrate your [underline] Christ [underline] mas holiday, that you and yours experience the most Christ-affirming Christmas there ever was!” With Love at the Holidays, Your Thoughtful Family Member/Friend/Neighbor

Sending Love & Humor this Holiday Season, with Reason!

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