Liberty, Planned Parenthood, Patients’ Health & Privacy

What’s going on in politics today doesn’t make any sense! The tirade against women, men and families who have needed the health and education services of Planned Parenthood, or who may need them, is wholly inappropriate and subjects those in dire need to an existence in opposition to that which our free nation aspires.

The point of this post is to point out one argument for Planned Parenthood access that people largely forget to espouse today as they bitterly exchange political arguments for or against funding; although, it was the strongest case for it’s availability during some of our best decades in the United States.

Planned Parenthood is the only resource that exists to help women and minor females in times of personal crises that can include familial incest, rape and eventual– unwanted– sperm implantation while respecting the privacy concerns of that individual as well as ongoing healthcare needs and respect to liberty.

As taxpayers, we support each other in non-frivolous programs that contribute to the health of our progressive society.

We need to gel as a society. We have to work on reversing any damage that’s been done by alt-right and other anti-choice, anti-freedom groups.

Agreed? Elections looming, new rounds every couple years! Nothing is permanent!

Comment with one thing a person can do in favor of women’s liberty!

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