FGM in the USA?

Female Genital Mutilation – the practice, traditional in some cultures, or partially or totally removing the external genitalia of girls and young women for nonmedical purposes.

Female Genital Mutilation in the United States of America?

Part of the reason it has been important to preserve the separation between church and state as much as humanely possible in the United States is so that we’d have a strong defense against the damaging, often brutal, practices deemed acceptable by various religions.

Thanks to today’s “religious freedom” proponents in government working to change the public perception of just how much religious freedom should be supported (or, not interfered with) by government, we have this old-world problem of religious-culture motivated genital mutilation rearing it’s ugly head to affect the lives of young women who live here.

It seems clear that if religious freedom advocates have their way, there will be nothing much to do about such practices regaining their footholds in society . . . first within the cultural practices of new-world Western denizens whose heritage supported it to begin with. . . and then, who knows? 

Why can’t we all see that too many of us are encouraging the unreigned ‘religious freedoms’ of ‘believers’ regarding the public around them that are scraping against the grain and damaging the kind of freedom the Forefathers had in mind for U.S. American citizens.

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