Lip Service Antics a Dangerous Play by 45

Judging by video broadcast on our public news feed this morning, divisionist lies are being spoken and widely disseminated to the public, via podium that specifically addresses one isolated crowd.
 The speech is meant to secure the future votes of said crowd, who typically expect their singular ideology to be applicable to everyone they come into contact with, and beyond. In specific, and as just one example, they want to affect the #healthcare of not only their children, but their neighbors and employees, their spouse’s employees, and any person they can find to subject to their evangelizing purpose. They want to affect the life experiences of every individual, by means of any power they can grasp.
There is two-fold danger, in this speech alone! First– yet again– our supreme government representative is pitting one large social group against another large social group (remember the sloppy statements on Mexican immigration) in some strange display that could only cause further division and unrest among people. Second, that message which is being promoted is simultaneously or immediately broadcast to the wide public, far beyond the assemblage of persons feeding the brunt of this religious political wave  intended to cover governance of all people. The entire world is exposed to this religious propaganda, undertaken by a singular U.S. President. These points are only a couple of many.
THE [appointed] top government official actually spends time lip-servicing one of our most politically dangerous (to the public interest) groups. Such propaganda is a danger to every living person in this world, and their children’s children. The looks an awful lot like the type of behavior we usually associate with unhinged dictators, just before an invasion becomes necessary to depose them.
Persons who want their lifestyles preserved should pay close attention to what’s being done via politics today, and take their peaceful, informed actions into their communities and to the voting booth. Stop allowing war-mongering religious propagandists to inch us closer to the destruction of all that so many sacrifice to protect. We live in a secular nation that was intended for freedom of all people to live according to their beliefs with freedom of life pursuits, and we’ve seen over and over again that it’s an unending fight for freedom of all people. We’re all under attack by another at some point, and all have roles to play in the official defense of our freedoms.


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