On Work in the New-ish Millennium

Larry G. Maguire’s “Standard Working Model” is broken . . . and so are we.

It’s his kind of deliberate consciousness about our daily living situation that can move a world forward in spite of heavy, detracting forces. He talks about the popular concept “productivity is key for business” (today, investor interests) and refers to how the productivity god of feasibility (our words) “squeezes” the most it can out of everything and everyone.

Putting the squeeze on society (think globally) in the interest of riches only makes a few people happy. We can see today as we’ve learned before that, overall, human rights suffer under an oppressive regime as people struggle in greater and more prolific numbers to survive . . . and that’s not all that suffers.

What’s going on in politics?!

We’ve learned before that crimes of desperation multiply in poverty-stricken communities and homes. This is why it’s such an ironic offense to hear about people getting into trouble for stealing food. There was a time when (and, somewhere, they still do) hungry people got their extremities cut off for picking an orange off someone’s vegetable stand. So it’s offensive to have representative politicians preaching to take away things like Social Security, food stamps, school lunches . . . to name only a few food-related issues in politics currently.

Hot topic — abortion. As society gets antsy about issues that we can relate to family planning, or not, the pile-up on women’s rights in particular has been outstanding. Is the issue even abortion?

Political frenzy lately concerning our outstanding economy (RE: USA) is more than a bit inflated. There are positives. We’re no longer in a death spiral economy as we were in 2007-2008. But the economy is still dying (albeit more slowly) because for the great majority, the stock market has killed any functional economy. The working poor (as well as those in several brackets above) have been greatly restricted. We have to ask ourselves, “Why?”. First, we have to be able to recognize that we are in survival mode, not profit-sharing mode. We’re must realize that we’re hoping things don’t get worse again because that could be truly catastrophic to a lot of communities.

Let’s ask ourselves: Why are the people being so harshly restricted?

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