Common Misrepresentation of the Secular

Part of the frustration, of the argument, is in the misunderstanding that it perpetuates among the church-going and evangelical members of society. It’s best summed up as follows, in a quote attributed to Rod Parsley:

Secular do not look to church

No, to that. Rather, the secular world incorrectly aims to answer the questions of the doggedly religious, and end up giving the impression that the ‘sins’ of the congregation are what keeps them away.

No! Here it is, straight: secular people who are church-goers go to church. Secular people don’t necessarily go to church.

Left to freedom, ‘the secular world’ never comments on the church unless in the church or threatened by it . . . simply because they are in the regular, open world! There is no reasonable call in secularism to comment on one’s religion or lack thereof, in secularism.

Further, the secular realize the bad etiquette and social practice of divisive dogmas, in light of the freedom of humans to their individual pursuits.


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