‘Missing’ Girl Found After Man, 46, Whisked Her Away to Mexico

The story of the man who took the underage girl to Mexico goes something like this:
She was ‘willing’.

She was sixteen, living in a country that supposedly aims to protect its citizens from the worst behaviors of times past that no longer have the space to exist in such a modern and populous world.

They were a ‘couple’ (his age 45, her age 16) who met through the girl’s parents at church in the United States. They reportedly spent time together on family outings and eventually ran off to Cancun, under the adult man’s power of persuasion and economy.

Of course, the church affiliation is a side note to the problem that exists and is often promoted among men and some women . . . the problem being that some think it’s acceptable for men to pursue the young girls of a society rather than their equal peers of adulthood.

That this relationship was formed and nurtured in a ‘protected’ church environment may be of little consequence in a world where almost any culture could house the same types of mentalities that have long been known to exist among the more reasonable. However, it’s clear that these instances also should serve as a warning to all church-goers: remember, overstepping the bounds of every protocol known to man has been ‘no problem’ in many instances of attachment to religious or biblical organizations.

On the other hand, how many secular governments exist that protect children from adult predation?

We’re living in one that’s made some significant progress, and we should protect it. Until the worst medieval behaviors of grown men and women are finally quashed through behavior modification, expectation and law, this kind of thing will continue to be repeated through the generations as if it’s acceptable.

It’s a shame that U.S. politics today have become as regressive as they have, for such gives strength to the root of this kind of predatory behavior. Not only this, but much of the other troubles we’ve been embattled over in politics recently, which seem to continue in the face of any progress that’s been achieved by the People over the last several decades.

Children, adolescents and young impressionable men and women who have yet to age into adulthood, please beware. Because your parents are comfortable with a man and certain behaviors does not mean that you should be. Please go along any avenue you can find to fight back against the inappropriate, life-changing events that happen to you as a result of failures under normal legal or household protections. We want to live in a world where boys, girls, men and women can move freely about without too much concern for the unacceptable transgressions and trespasses that could occur . . . because we’ve been working on humane and free for a long time and only want progress for future generations.

*Note: This is another one of those scenarios that prove the need and benefit of Planned Parenthood services.

For those who don’t know, Planned Parenthood is meant to be a resource for the ones who cannot escape their troubles of either being prey, or uninformed and unprepared. What if they’d never found this girl, and still what to come for her? She’s likely to feel very different in 6-12 months about her future and what it could be. And again, in another year when she’d still only be 18!

There are underage kids and disenfranchised women who utilize the services of Planned Parenthood simply because they have access and are living under otherwise impossible conditions for their needs.

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