Secular Climate Encourages Exploration

Today, we remember the excitement during the heyday of space exploration that garnered immense public support for the efforts. Fifty years ago, the Apollo 13 crew was in their 2nd day of orbit and generally intent on completion of their space mission. On their third day, an explosion cut their trip short.

Only 2/3 of American Millennials believe that the Earth is round

As commented, of sheer surprise and reblogging a shown high number who believe the earth is flat. Here’s hoping the presentation will one day be sufficient to convince people of one reality.

Why Evolution Is True

A first I thought this was an April Fools joke, but the date didn’t comport, and it was reported reported by CBS News, ” which led me to the YouGov poll site. CBS reports a sample size of 8,215 Americans.  The first graph shows the results for the entire sample, showing that only 84% of them have always believed in a round (well, “spherical” is more accurate) Earth, with 9% having some doubts or being flat-Earthers. 7% aren’t sure!  Don’t they know the data?

When you divide it up by age, the youngest group, 18-24 years of age, show only 2/3 accepting the world is round, with 18% having some doubts (or being flat-Earthers) and 16% being sure. The proportion of round-Earthers rises with age, with fully 94% of those over 55 saying they’ve always believed the world is round. What are they teaching the kids in school…

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