Has Secular Theology Reneged on its Popular Aim?

To be clear, we’re not doing a form of secular theology on this site, nor do we consider atheism or humanism to be theologies (although we realize that some do, for various reasons, want to consider them such).

We’re interested in secularism as a practice and an ideal function of neutrality in all matters—that there exists an equitable societal nature that is allowing of existence and life pursuit among the entire populace according to interest and ability—and in the most effective, humane governance of such matters.

Secular Theology term

Secular Theology was a progressive, targeted movement by some religious sects (e.g. Catholicism, Christianity) to ingratiate themselves and their [various] ideologies into the otherwise progressive developmental process of human evolution (itself on a developmental trajectory away from religious ‘churches’, based in ‘worldly’ and scientific knowledge). Such religious institutions still operate divergent from their flocks in order to mingle with the secular public, recently with an increased politicization that begs questions as to intent.

What do you think have been some of the positive and negative effects of secular theology?

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