Rolling Back the Promise of a New, Secular Society


How is it possible for children to hate so many, so hard– enough (and long enough)– to carry a roiling momentum along a path of destruction that could kill hundreds at a time?

While general crime stat counts may be down (rumor of old), a new threat has developed strong arms. Mass killers, whether or not they’ve behaved in typical terrorist fashion, are successfully cutting down throngs of harmless people in the United States.

Secularism works when a community has instilled tolerance– welcoming— of the Other, and maintains freedom among all to pursue life. This knowledge begins at home (where else?) and continues throughout years of growth and socialization. There can be divergence, correction . . . but how does misunderstanding grow into a pit of hate that fuels violence?

Instead of schools, jobs, friends, roommates . . . some kids dream of committing mass acts of violence in an attempt to destroy others. In some cases, they don’t know who they’ll attack. It’s a vague spray . . . “look what I can do”. Destruction itself seems their main focus. More, to destroy the world in which they live.


The rise of destination attacks in the United States (e.g. malls, movie theaters, schools) should be raising the kind of alarms that stream money into education and people into voting booths to ensure the integrity of the populace as an informed strength and resource to problem solving. But that’s not what’s happening. At least, it doesn’t feel or look like it.

Further, consideration of destination attacks begs the question: how does one get and roll with the idea that ALL others make a reasonable target? In one recent instance, a young man (still a kid to the 20-30+ crowd) who planned to attack a large mall as part of his outcry, or mission, refers to ‘disbelievers’ as targets for assassination, yet plans to target public forums holding a variety of people which may include ‘believers’ as well.

From the article:

“According to the FBI affidavit, Azizi-Yarand told FBI source, ‘Look at all the other lone wolves. What training did they have yet they simply killed the kuffar’ (Arabic for ‘disbelievers.’)”

We as a society should be asking more questions and exhibiting more [secular] leadership, demanding answers and solutions to the question, “How do some young people become so mixed up, and how will we fix this serious problem without infringing on everyone else?”

Collage of Killers, young and old
Image via Raised Fist at WordPress


To begin, we must start early to curb the regeneration of new hate as young people grow into older people. We must take care in what we say at home. We must not encourage disdain for others, racist tones, bullying, etc.

We must tax wealth so that it benefits the whole public; otherwise, the public suffers while subjects of wealth frolic in the same behaviors for which the working poor are condemned. Checks and balances– the bureaucracy many hate– must thrive. Middle management must exist and be functional, because without reporting and accountability we have no real knowledge. (Reporting and accountability is what middle management DOES.)

The economy of the public must be recovered. Public schools must be reinforced financially, the gutting of that system stopped. Real estate must be regulated so that people wanting homes can reasonably acquire them, in the neighborhoods they prefer. We must stop freezing people into crap service jobs, unprotected dangerous jobs, and begin encouraging corporate responsibility to their workers, and the freedom to move when necessary.

The list gets large, because so much destruction to our systems and neighborhoods has been allowed. We have recently had ample cohesion and cooperation among the privileged to steamroll the poor (with the help of too many self-limiting voters).

We have been actively watching progress made be rolled back: when not in fact then in spirit and proclamation. We need cohesion and cooperation among all, and we need that to extend beyond the façade of the church pew (which church . . . take your pick, the schisms have been innumerous) into the official governance of our nation.

While it may sound as if we’ve gone off-subject, it’s our belief that without serious paradigm shifts (destruction of government is not necessary, contrary to what the worst would have you believe), it won’t be possible to reach those most as risk in any effort to protect them, those close to them and the public at large from the effects of society as it is. A restoration and continuation of proper resources, checks, and balances will prevent desperate acts of internalized acidity and foreign influence by having already addressed issues before they can grow into unmanageable explosions of anger . . . or whatever is at the root of the violent tendencies among some of our young and old.

In the case of the Vegas shooter who attacked a crowd of music fans in October 2017, it’s now been reported that there is some possibility that he may have been “scouting other potential targets in at least four cities where he rented rooms in buildings overlooking outdoor concerts.” Why? Is there a way (what could have taken place in this privileged man’s life) to either predict, or fail to trigger, his violent aim for deadly consequence?

How else can we reasonably curb the trend of the murderous lost ones?

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