Opinion Pages Tantamount to Religious Advertising: Take with a Grain of Salt

“Opposite of editorial” articles may propagate biased points of view, a detail to which readers should be attuned.

U.S. voters, more than anyone here, must be at attention to catch some of the most influential discourse happening which threatens to serve as a vehicle to continue breaking down the wall of separation between church and state, primarily by fronting religious freedom as a ticket to breach verges anywhere as they work to challenge the sensibilities of anyone in their path.

One case in point highlights an ace piece in Time magazine, albeit opinion, which promotes a simple idea with which most agree–that people be free to express their beliefs [as far as they don’t infringe upon another’s lifestyle, actions, and freedom of choice]. (2) separation Madison

Time runs an “opinion vertical” (1), Ideas, alongside it’s traditionally factual publishing endeavor. Through this op-ed section, Time promises to present the greatest “range” of views in a “fun and fearless” approach. It is here that we find the op-ed above, which proclaims (by way of authors James Lankford and Russell Moore) that “all men shall be free to profess, and by argument to maintain, their opinion in matters of religion, and that the same shall in no wise diminish, enlarge, or affect their civil capacities.” (Lankford is a Republican Senator from Oklahoma and Dr. Moore is the President of the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.)

Resist the spin. People have an inherent freedom from religion that is protected by the United States Constitution. It’s no less than hyperbolic propagandizing in the guise of teaching to instruct that people have no expectation of refrain on the parts of various religious actors. Arguments such as that made in the Time Ideas article referenced here are commonly used in efforts to install specific religious symbols on public property such as courthouses, public parks, and schools.




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  2. Lanford and Moore. Time. Ideas. http://time.com/5103677/church-state-separation-religious-freedom/. October 2018.

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