Adaptation of Religions in 2019: Predictions

Religion News Service has published, via author Aysha Khan, the opinions of a select group of [mostly] religious people regarding the direction religions may take to retain and attract members . . . including one that highlights the #exvangelical movement.

Maybe the most intriguing standout prediction of the article is an entry regarding “exvangelicals”; who knew they had a hashtag! Evangelicalism is a controversial method of making ‘approved’ connections out of a pool of community members, in one way of looking at it. Ensuing disagreements have often led to troubles.

Many recognize that the evangelical mindset mirrors the aggression of some other religions, and this isn’t the only like reflection—adherents who believe in a nearing (or hell, arrived) “end times”—the well-accepted mentality of those under the umbrella of Christianity—bear strong likeness to what are popularly known as “cults”. So it’ll be interesting to watch the progression of the exvangelical movement and hear what its members have to say.

Read the rest of the collection of opinions to learn what may be in store as various religions adapt to the constantly changing landscape of beliefs:
What’s coming for religion in 2019?

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