On Religion in Politics:

The separation of church and state has long been an invisible, embattled line.

It’s a thin line. Of course a religious person should not be prevented from serving their communities via public office. 

The challenge is ensuring that they refrain from judgments and enactments on the public via tenets of their respective religions. They must be able to put their religions aside for the sake of their public office and welfare of each born individual which they represent.

When public officials act as representatives of their religions in efforts of establishment, they continue to push the line of separation of church and state beyond acceptable margins. Take it from Don Byrd, writing for BJC:

“Americans of all faiths, and no faith, must be equally free to participate fully in our democracy.” 

Religious Tests Have No Place in Our Democracy , https://bjconline.org/religious-tests-have-no-place-in-our-democracy-011019/ (January 2017)

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