Veterans Day Calls for Direct Sincerity

It's easy to rely on our personal belief systems during interactions with others. But it's ideal to approach some matters from neutral perspectives, to maintain


Can an Artist be Close-minded and Succeed?

The Answer is Yes! A group of artists is much like any other group of people-- comprised of different personalities and beliefs, often changing as they navigate life. We're happy that James Cameron found atheism for himself; goodness knows people should be free to seek. What of those who've no conviction one way or the other?... Continue Reading →

Nobody Wants to Repent

Interestingly enough, this post (below) on repentance came up in the "secularism" feed. There seems to be a good point about forgiveness, but it's difficult to make out and reliant on being Christian. The best thing to do with something like this is to take the most troubling aspects and respond with human conscience. After... Continue Reading →

Be Who You Want to Be

Just don't bother me . . . or him, or her or them It's been quite awhile since any of us heartily hearkened back to Britain, but the news is promising nonetheless: The majority of Brits are now atheist or agnostic — Craig (@CaffeinatedUnc) February 25, 2016 Let's be one big happy family.

The Humanity of Various Belief

Maybe You're an Atheist  ∴ When we wonder if someone is atheist, or generally about their religious or belief preferences, often we'll ask "Do you believe in God?" or "Do you believe in the Holy Trinity and that Jesus is the Christ?" Cut and dried, the answer is sought! But we should realize that an... Continue Reading →

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