Cop Shows: good, bad or thin gray line?

It's painful to see some of the negative news centered on the brave individuals who dedicate their lives to the policing of society. There's no doubt that, without them, the landscape would be different. Some think they'd like such a world, and some would not . . . while most of us have no idea... Continue Reading →


A Prisoner Rocks the Boat

Our Cops Rock! (usually) category could begin with one of the many positive aspects of these civil service employees whom we support as a unit. However, in keeping with the times, we chose to

Cops Rock! (usually)

Due to recent trends by proponents and politicians of religion to further promote a faith in "God" via symbols or verbal sentiments emblazoned onto government properties where they never existed before, we've decided to add another category to this blog that will be used to monitor associated happenings. In addition, we

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