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What’s going on in politics today doesn’t make any sense! The tirade against women, men and families who have needed the health and education services of Planned Parenthood, or who may need them, is wholly inappropriate and subjects those in dire need to an existence in opposition to that which our free nation aspires.

The point of this post is to point out one argument for Planned Parenthood access that people largely forget to espouse today as they bitterly exchange political arguments for or against funding; although, it was the strongest case for it’s availability during some of our best decades in the United States.

Planned Parenthood is the only resource that exists to help women and minor females in times of personal crises that can include familial incest, rape and eventual– unwanted– sperm implantation while respecting the privacy concerns of that individual as well as ongoing healthcare needs and respect to liberty.

As taxpayers, we support each other in non-frivolous programs that contribute to the health of our progressive society.

We need to gel as a society. We have to work on reversing any damage that’s been done by alt-right and other anti-choice, anti-freedom groups.

Agreed? Elections looming, new rounds every couple years! Nothing is permanent!

Comment with one thing a person can do in favor of women’s liberty!

Always Reason to Celebrate the Holidays

happy-holiday-gif-wreathDidn’t it feel best, when the public was most free, at large and celebrating with no hesitations before letting fly,  “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Hanukkah”, etc. Happy [working] townspeople and neighborhoods of peaceful mindsets enhanced the holiday season with their varied decorations and habits.

It was a given, once, that by not pressing our ways onto others in certain environments, that we were also free to exhibit them in most environments without fear of public retribution. With the exception of one vehemently senseless preacher in Amarillo, it seems we did better this holiday season than we have in the past several.

Mine was a smooth, peaceful holiday for the most part, with only 2 bits of an underlined “Christ” in Christmas cards.

That’s fine. Perhaps it’ll be useful: we can note the underliners in our Christmas Holiday card lists and send them those specifically-religious inserts we often set aside from our combo packs for being too much of a personalized greeting under normal circumstances. It might be advisable to construct the written messages to these people in a way to avoid any assumptions about our own holiday:

“We hope, as you celebrate your [underline] Christ [underline] mas holiday, that you and yours experience the most Christ-affirming Christmas there ever was!” With Love at the Holidays, Your Thoughtful Family Member/Friend/Neighbor

Sending Love & Humor this Holiday Season, with Reason!

Sex-Obsessed: How the Church’s Hyper-fixation on Sex Has Distracted Us from Being Like Jesus

Speaking of “hyper-fixation on sex”, let’s consider the trend of those religious who ignore, promote and otherwise support hyper-sexualization of teen girls within their sphere of influence . . . especially in entertainment.

While it’s true that sexualized theme and dress is not physical sex, one wonders about the hypocrisy behind a typical Christian’s willingness to vicariously sell– and accept sale of– sex at almost any age . . . alongside concurrent messaging against most other considerations of sex (including tendency to punish girls and women who behave in similarly individualized ways as boys and men).

What do you think? Further, read today’s title share:

Kristy Bay’s writeup on the church’s messaging regarding sex:

There is so much need in the world–;so much hurt and so much pain. What we don’t need is one more Christian discussion on the rules for sex to distract us.

Source: Sex-Obsessed: How the Church’s Hyper-fixation on Sex Has Distracted Us from Being Like Jesus

What’ll Bernie do Now?

We tend to have a general idea that people of Jewish faith are modern enough. We see people of the religion as capable of moving and dealing in public society due to an established secularism that has offered a kind of freedom to take advantage of a worldly system in various degrees in pursuit of survival. In fact, most of us have this in common. But, are Jewish religious leaders applying a new pressure to their own secular counterparts in an attempt to minimize secularism? After all, why the preference for Clinton over Sanders among the DNC Wasserman leadership?

Now we suspect that Sanders didn’t get a fair shake of the process, since WikiLeaks disclosed the DNC Wasserman team plot to orchestrate a favorite pick. Although I’ve personally been cognizant of a problem in the Democratic Party over the last several years regarding a failure to stand strong on principles of individual freedom, always placating the Republicans, I’d never realized they’d go to such lengths to destroy one of their own greatest-potential candidates . . . especially by working against what should be their own principled arguments.

The good news about the Democratic Party lately is out of Texas, of all places. Read more about that here.

What about you, dear reader . . . any thoughts? Here we were sitting back watching the Republican Party get odd and break apart, and now suddenly the Dems are fracturing up as well.


Women in Poland Won’t Have It

Are women equal members of society, or not?

Before you answer, remember that in a free society- for which all should aim (shouldn’t we?)- it’s not a question that should be considered as if it could be said that they aren’t!

It's happening in America too, that church representatives and meddlesome like-minded peers are refuting society by…

Posted by Secularism Works on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What do you say?

The Sooner the Better

Why Wait?

It’s not that we’re unaware that prayer can be a way of speaking to a congregation; it’s just that “American” is the club . . . no selling of soul is needed. Help or assistance should not depend on religion and tongues.


Nobody Wants to Repent

Interestingly enough, this post (below) on repentance came up in the “secularism” feed. There seems to be a good point about forgiveness, but it’s difficult to make out and reliant on being Christian. The best thing to do with something like this is to take the most troubling aspects and respond with human conscience. After reading the Original Post (OP), the points made here (above the line) are a reaction from one who is secular and lives by the Golden Rule . . . the secular version of which is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Babies are born unburdened by the idea that they are inherently destined to do bad by way of ‘sin’. When we teach children that they are ‘natural sinners’ who should expect grace (or punishment, depends on belief), then this is exactly how they end up treating themselves and others. Of course, thanks to secularism we are free to lead as such within our families, our churches, in evangelism on the street and at the front door when it is opened. Religious liberties are taken elsewhere, too.

A glaring untruth regarding responsibility of working conditions contained in this writing is the idea that when an “accident” has occurred, that no one was at fault. This is a way to pre-absolve the responsible care necessary in prevention of ignorance or abuse while at work. Accidents do happen, more so in a bad economy that is able to tilt against workers’ interests in favor of money savings (whether out of greed or necessity).

It cannot be denied that some people need to repent, in order to absolve themselves– more often their communities– of feelings of guilt. If this helps them to receive less unreasonable punishment which may not be deserved or may be, who is to say (and by the way what a contrast of examples given in this OP below) then so be it, in a secular society. Everyone has their version of self protection, often decided in haste at the last thoughtful moment.

Religion is a great responsibility; if you’re going to take on such mythology/belief in the name of community or anything else, it shouldn’t be used in any all-knowing sense but only in the most reasoned ways that avoid the oppression of others.

Everyone likes to see an evil person get the punishment everyone believes he deserves. When John Wayne Gacy was executed in 1994, few tears were shed on his behalf, and many comments mourned the fa…

Source: Nobody Wants to Repent

Can We Coexist?

An atheist COEXIST

Behold the take on the Coexist logo of a militant atheist. Makes a ton of sense, doesn’t it? Join in conversations among secular and atheist groups and you’ll find that a lot of the atheists like to make hard fun of the religious. This image above is a mild jest in comparison to some of the vitriol. I certainly understand where the militants are coming from though, and I can appreciate the humor in it.

But we wouldn’t want to just leave this laying around without a proper nod to the originating idea behind the Coexist Foundation, which I’ll get to near the end of this post.

Hardliners come in all sects religious or not

If you’ve any experience in surfing the various secular/atheist community groups then you’ve seen that some of the members relieve themselves by way of some hard, sometimes quite humorous critique. On the flip-side of that, you’ve surely also been witness on occasion to some of the abhorrent judgments made against irreligious people by adherents of some religion.

We can probably agree that inappropriate religious testing or critique in some way have contributed to the ill will commonly seen among activists of New Atheism. It might make sense as well that modern issues of politics and religion in the United States and across the globe are instilling a kind of reactionary fear that well feeds the New Atheists in their hard stances and harsh drive against religious oppression.

The Real Coexist

In truth, the Coexist Foundation does not exist (on the surface at least) to eradicate religion but to encourage peaceful relations among opposing religious neighbors in battle-torn areas. It’s a critical movement to peace and life for some communities. The Coexist organization realizes that religion is not going to go away.

The goals of “Coexist” somewhat mirror or at least aim for a secular result that encourages community synergy. It’s easy to see, by popularity of the symbolism among many people who have altered the original image many times, that there is much interest in individuals maintaining their religious ideals over any idea of atheism as a rule of land.

Secular Coexistence

In an already secular space like the U.S. promotion of Coexist symbolism without propercoexist by openly secular alteration to include Nones seems risky. A few have already thought of this though, evidenced by various alterations of the original logo to include representation for Nones. One such version is by the Openly Secular organization, which has included a few more identification symbols in an attempt to cover the beliefs of more people. Pretty great work.

Without proper representative alterations, wide enthusiasm for the Coexist ideal may Coexist_by_Piotr_Mlodozenieccarry some risk in a secular space due to misunderstanding that only the religions are of matter to a free and secular nation. I can’t imagine a better example of the value of public use copyright options for such a circumstance. At right, find the original Coexist logo . . . a beautiful image applicable to the region of which it’s used- any region really- representing Islamic, Jewish and Christian Faiths. Piotr Młodożeniec, a Polish graphic designer, created the Coexist sign in 2000 for a contest. Via Wikipedia:

Formerly, the Coexist Foundation in London, United Kingdom focused on improving religious relationships between people of Islamic, Jewish, and Christian faiths. The stated mission of the foundation is to “promote, encourage and support engagement between Jews, Christians and Muslims both individually and through their respective communities through dialogue, education and research.

The organization is now represented in Washington D.C. as well, according to the same entry.

Which is your ideal Coexist imagery contained in a logo?






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