FGM in the USA?

Female Genital Mutilation – the practice, traditional in some cultures, or partially or totally removing the external genitalia of girls and young women for nonmedical purposes.

Female Genital Mutilation in the United States of America?

Part of the reason it has been important to preserve the separation between church and state as much as humanely possible in the United States is so that we’d have a strong defense against the damaging, often brutal, practices deemed acceptable by various religions.

Thanks to today’s “religious freedom” proponents in government working to change the public perception of just how much religious freedom should be supported (or, not interfered with) by government, we have this old-world problem of religious-culture motivated genital mutilation rearing it’s ugly head to affect the lives of young women who live here.

It seems clear that if religious freedom advocates have their way, there will be nothing much to do about such practices regaining their footholds in society . . . first within the cultural practices of new-world Western denizens whose heritage supported it to begin with. . . and then, who knows? 

Why can’t we all see that too many of us are encouraging the unreigned ‘religious freedoms’ of ‘believers’ regarding the public around them that are scraping against the grain and damaging the kind of freedom the Forefathers had in mind for U.S. American citizens.

Remember Freedom & Pass it Down

In light of recent events which have prompted the usual references and pressures of the religious, we felt it important to remind all Americans:

We have been united and will continue to be so, as long as we all remember that this is a free and secular nation full of many different belief systems. We used to fight for this and now, unfortunately, we often fight for something else. As always, we [humans] need to tame our hackles, because we are not in fight or flight…we are a community that should feel united and in this capacity only can we reason for the public. Image result for founding fathers quotes

Some know, and most ignore, that the United States of America national motto was ‘officially’ (through popular legislation) changed to “under God” as a stipulation at the time of Fear of communism and civil rights progress during and not until the 1950s!

We’ll be a better-off, united populace when we rectify the changes made to our official identifiers– such as paper money and the Pledge of Allegiance– in the 1950s that tell us the dominant religion must be accepted. (Notice, the new motto doesn’t refer to anyone’s particular religion, which ultimately leaves it quite open to popular sway, no?)

Christians may again one day be thankful for this secular nation that allows such freedoms as religious belief [any] and conscience [ultimately] but frowns heavily upon those who would force their ways upon another and otherwise diminish them as punishment for not doing as told.


Oklahoma Pro-Life Propaganda Legislation — Outgrowing and Out-learning Religion

Check out this video on YouTube in which TYT reports on legislation that just passed in Oklahoma. This legislation requires the state to spend money they don’t have to teach kids in public schools that life begins at conception. It would require public schools to have advertisements for pro-life so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” and also use […]

via Oklahoma Pro-Life Propaganda Legislation — Outgrowing and Out-learning Religion

RE: “FFRF Targets Clemson Coach for Free Exercise ‘Violations'”

When will evangelists realize that such actions by The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) and other helpful organizations are in fact self defense and aim to protect an oppressed minority who must struggle for their freedom and often are punished in a religious community?

What’s mad about it is that they most often do realize this, yet still move to stifle freedom. Same old song here, in a spirit of abandoned education regarding the history of our great nation:

“Clemson was once again in the news this week, but this time it’s not about winning or losing a national football championship.  Instead, it’s about one man and the way he chooses to exe…

Source: FFRF Targets Clemson Coach for Free Exercise “Violations”

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