Rolling Back the Promise of a New, Secular Society

While general crime stat counts may be down (rumor of old), a new threat has developed strong arms. Mass killers, whether


Common Misrepresentation of the Secular

The secular realize the bad etiquette and social practice of divisive dogmas, in light of the freedom of humans to their individual pursuits

Women in Poland Won’t Have It

Are women equal members of society, or not? Before you answer, remember that in a free society- for which all should aim (shouldn't we?)- it's not a question that should be considered as if it could be said that they aren't! It's happening in America too, that church representatives and meddlesome like-minded peers are refuting... Continue Reading →

The Sooner the Better

Why Wait? It's not that we're unaware that prayer can be a way of speaking to a congregation; it's just that "American" is the club . . . no selling of soul is needed. Help or assistance should not depend on religion and tongues. An atheist thinks that deed must be done instead of prayer... Continue Reading →

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